EPEC® Pediatrics Infographic

This infographic was designed for a health study and pilot program run by Dr. Kimberley Widger (University of Toronto) and Dr. Adam Rapoport (Sick Kids Hospital). The study, Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Pediatrics (EPEC®-Pediatrics), focused on more compassionate ways to train pediatric oncology staff in palliative care. As children’s books often deal … Continue Reading

Compost Infographic for Sask Waste Reduction Council

In 2016, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council finished a study of 26 local composting systems. As their 2016 Annual Report states, “The Dishing the Dirt project experimented with a variety of composting options to identify which methods work best for different kinds of households and green-minded businesses. The end goal was to create simple recommendations to help … Continue Reading

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report 2015

The 2015 Annual Report design for the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council featured a wayfinding theme. To stay within budget for this non-profit’s annual report, we used a set of pre-made stock vector icons for imagery. Colourful sans-serif typography that complements the icons is used to differentiate each section.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report 2012

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s 2012 Annual Report featured their vision statement on the cover: Think More… Waste Less. For the print version, the globe was split vertically with half the message on the front cover and half on the back cover. For the annual report’s downloadable PDF, we created one seamless image so the entire statement could … Continue Reading

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report 2011

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s 2011 Annual Report celebrates 20 years of waste reduction in Saskatchewan. For the cover, we featured the members’ list (over 140 businesses and municipalities) in celebration of their collective accomplishments. The ‘squares’ motif on the front shows an image of a landfill gradually giving way to a natural prairie landscape. The … Continue Reading